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Intro To Networking Chp 7 Review

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Chapter 7 Review
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2) A, B
3) B, D
4) B
5) D
6) B, D
7) A
8) C
9) C
10) B
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13) A, C
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20) A, B
Key Terms
Switched circuit-A circuit by the phone company in reaction to signaling (the user tapping telephone keys or a modem sending in the same digits), with the telco tearing down the circuit when the user is finished.
Dedicated circuit- An electric circuit created by a telco on behalf of a customer, with the circuit staying up all the time, dedicated for use by the one customer that ordered the circuit. Also known as a line, leased circuit, and point-to-point ...view middle of the document...

DS0 runs at 64 Kbps
DS1- Digital Signal Level 1. One of the physical line standards in the T-carrier system, as originally created by the companies of the Bell System in the United States. DS1 runs at 1.544 Mbps, with a 193-bit frame, 24 DS0 channels, and an 8-Kbps overhead channel.
Frame relay- A widely popular packet-switching technology and service that emerged in the marketin the 1990s, using permanent virtual circuits (PVC) between pairs of routers that can send frames to each other, and data-link connection identifiers (DLCI) to address and identify each PVC.

ATM-Asynchronous transfer mode. A series of networking standards for both LANs and WANs.
CO- Central Office- The term that refers to a telco office space where the telco keeps its equipment. Leased lines physically connect from a telco customer office building into the CO

DCE- Data communications equipment. This term has two uses in networking: 1) In packet – switched networks, the node (device) that sits in the telco network at the edge of the network, on the other side of the physical access link that connects to the customer device (the DTE). 2) A reference to a device that provides clocking on physical cabling that uses clock pin leads, such as on a leased line, in which the CSU/DSU controls the speed a router sends/receives bits by providing clocking to the router.
Demark- Short for demarcation, a legal and business term used by telcos to specify the physical dividing line in the cabling and equipment for a telco service in a customer building, where the customer is responsible for the cabling and devices to one side of the demark, and the telco is responsible for the cabling and equipment on the other side of the line.
DLCI- Data-link connection identifier – The term defined by Frame Relay, particularly the LAPF protocol, for the LAPF header field used as an address field to identify a Frame Relay virtual circuit.
DSO- Digital Signal Level 0. One of the physical line standards in the T – carrier system, as originally created by the companies of the Bell System in the United States. DS0 runs at 64 Kbps.
DSI- Digital Signal Level of the physical line standards in the T-carrier system, as originally created by the companies of the Bell system in the United States. DS1 runs at 1.544 Mbps, with a 193-bit frame, 24 DS0 channels, and an 8-Kbps overhead channel.
DS3- Digital Signal Level 3. One of the physical line standards in the T-carrier system, as originally created by the companies of the Bell System in the United States. DS3 runs at 44.736 Mbps, with 28 DS1 channels and additional overhead.
DTE- Data terminal equipment, or data circuit- terminating equipment. This term has two uses in networking: 1) In packet-switched networks, the node (device) that sits in the customer site, connected by a physical access link to a node in the telco (the DCE). 2) A reference to a device that slaves its rate of...

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