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Online Marketing
Take-off of online marketing: casting the next generation strategies
Amalesh Sharma

is a Teaching Associate based at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India.

The purpose of the old module of marketing was to dictate a message to the mass market. With changes in time, requirements, technology and expectations of the customers, the field of marketing itself has experienced significant changes. It is noteworthy to mention that marketing dynamics shifted from ...view middle of the document...

The development of internet technology has impacted us by changing our behavior, decision making process, relation with one another and the way of doing business. The internet has decreased the distance between places, crossing geographical borders and allowing us to build and bring all the necessary things we require, and discarding all the old communication techniques. Highly intense information based market is forcing marketers to look at the world with new perspectives at the new opportunities. Diverse culture, social restrictions are no longer able to hinder the information flow. At this transitional phase as the world is moving towards ‘‘super globalization’’, it is better to be ready to market our products in the best possible ways to reach the maximum target customers.

A new era-new demand-exclusive marketing strategy
It would have been easy for marketers if and only if, there were a few products, few competitors, slow changes and less demand. But unfortunately that has not happened. We, at the doorstep of new era of Super globalization, are exposed to a marketing war. Most importantly consumers are demanding new...
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