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Introduction To Criminal Justice Essay

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Newman, D. J., & Anderson, P. R. (1989). Introduction to criminal justice (p. 45). New York:
Random house.
In their book, Newman and Anderson bring to our attention crime rates, crime control theories and policies, the justice system in an organization. The authors also explore the steps in the criminal justice system. They list the steps that should be followed in detecting crime. They also outline the various steps that are used in the justice system. ...view middle of the document...

In their book, they also address contemporary issues in society. They touch on crucial areas like capital punishment, congestion in prisons and the authority that police have at their disposal. Newman and Anderson’s are well researched and they were presented at a time when they are of great significance to the society.
Blumberg, A. S. (1979). Criminal Justice: Issues & Ironies. New York: New Viewpoints.
In his book of Criminal Justice: Issues and Ironies, Blumberg explores the criminal justice system and how it is used in society as a way to solve social conflicts and issues and giving possible solutions to the problems. The analysis emphasizes on the use of criminal justice system as a way of bringing out the social realities that are contained in the system. The major areas explored in the book are police authority to arrest, the prosecutors ability to determine the ruling on cases. Since most of the decisions are made in private and they are not monitored they are prone to manipulation from politicians. The author wrote the article in an effective time when the justice system is being used by politicians for their own gain.

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