Ios Vs Android Essay

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Dave Cavaliere
Mr. Adcock
English 111
10 November 2015
iOS vs Android
This is to inform the advantages of having an iOS device versus an Android Device. I am going to talk about Apple’s clean software interface versus Android’s, I am also going to explain the processes involved in security updates, and software updates all together. All these combined will construct a pattern of how 90% of all Apple users stay up to date with the most current software while Android has a consistent 35% that are up to date. Apple devices are known to have a cleaner software to hardware integration because Apple specifically designs and fabricates software and hardware for each other while Android designs software only.
iOS has always been known for its outstanding smooth interface and most of this is specifically due to Apple writing its own software for its ...view middle of the document...

Apple has it written in their contracts will all American carriers that there will be no carrier applications or logos installed or inscribed on their phones and any applications by the carriers have to go through their App Store and be subjected to the same checks every developer has to go through.
Updates are more commonly available for the iOS devices more frequently and reliable for all devices across the Apple market while on the Android market they have system updates but have to have the manufacturer i.e. to modify the update to integrate it on their product. This is possible because Apple doesn’t need to rely on other companies to create and implement the software, it’s specifically made for it while on Android it isn’t. Android is a Software Company so it licenses manufacturers to use their software. So when an update is available the manufacturers have to modify it to fit their products. This makes it more difficult for an Android user to update their devices because by the time its available the next update is released.
Similar as it may sound updates are important but when it comes to security it makes it that much more important to talk about the processes because all security updates are from the normal firmware updates. 90% of Apple users tend to have their products updated because they have their updates streamlined and their products are predominantly more secure than Android because by the time the update gets to the manufacturer, Android has already released a new update that needs to be modified for the specific product. Not that this is a bad thing but this means that most Android devices are a little behind the curve and not up to date on the most current software updates.
Apple’s innovative method of streamlining software for its own hardware makes it available quickly to the user whereas Android has to go through multiple types of manufacturers and carriers to modify the program for the specific device they develop.

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