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Is Applie Doing Enough To Control Its Employment Practices In Its Chinese Factories?

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Is Apple doing enough to control its employment practices in its Chinese factories?

During a recent internal audit of 229 factories in Asia, Apple found that several of its standards were being violated by suppliers. According to a textbook written by Kinicki and Williams (2012), these violations included breaching standards established by Apple for working hours, hazardous-substance management processes, safety practices to prevent worker injuries, and wages and benefits (p 128).
Kinicki and Williams (2012) cited four options to consider on this issue: (1) do nothing. “It is not Apple’s responsibility to manage the operation of its suppliers,” (2) “provide the results to management ...view middle of the document...

Further, Apple should understand and be prepared to respect the labor laws in Asia. The labor laws may be different in a country than those of a company doing business there. Apple should have been aware of the labor laws in Asia and willing to accept them when choosing to hire suppliers in those countries.
The third option was the same as the second with the exception that Apple mandates that the suppliers bring their operational policies in line with Apple’s standards. Apple cannot force a supplier to follow their standards unless that was explicitly stated in the terms of the contract with the supplier. However, Apple can communicate that they require that the suppliers follow their standards or face consequences, including termination of doing work for Apple. A mandate must have consequences to influence change and Apple must be willing to react to non-compliance as stated in the mandate in order for it to be effective and to demonstrate to other suppliers that they are serious. In 2011, Apple partnered with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to investigate and monitor conditions at its partner facilities, including Foxconn, Apple’s largest supplier, in China. Violations were documented and negotiations were conducted to address the issues. Foxconn agreed to an action plan to address 360 issues. As of July 1, 2103, 99% of...

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