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Is Your Chocolate The Result Of Unfair Exploitation Of Child Labor?

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1. Should labor practices in another country be a relevant consideration in international trade? Why or why not?
International trade means that trading internationally is concerning with every country in the world. Basically, all the countries are depending and caring on each other. The advantages and disadvantages are dealing with all the countries. Even though all the countries in the world are having different culture, tradition, norms and etc, labor practices should be concerning with human rights which are necessary for all the human beings around the world. Besides, it is not involving in the business of another country and it is just forcing to do the right practices that can be ...view middle of the document...

Besides, the child labors have to work for long hours and the child employee are being trapped in the vicious cycle.
As for the options, some options could be effective and some options could not be that much effective. First of all, it is better to under how the child labors appear in that region because it is the main source of child labor. According to the factors, parents sold their children and most children have to work because of poverty. International communities, governments of developed countries, and chocolate manufacturers association should work together to prevent happening of the mentioned events (slavery, child labor practices, un-appropriate working environment). The native governments of concerned chocolate manufacturers should check on how the manufacturers are dealing with cocoa industry in those regions and it is also necessary to monitor on child labor practices and create certification system. In fact, the culture and tradition of the regions should be learnt and the concerned associations should work on the protection of child labor...

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