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Isis Essay

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A Delicate Balance In The Midst Of A Crisis
This article is about the recent problems in the Middle Eastern Countries. Saudi Arabia and Iran have not been getting along with each other. They have been very competitive with each other recently. The tension between these countries has been mainly caused by the rise of the terrorist group ISIS. ISIS has also caused a lot of problems with the United States.
Saudi Arabia and Iran have not been getting along since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. However, the tension is getting worse due to the terrorist group ISIS. Saudi Arabia has been excluding Iran from their conferences that are about how to deal with ISIS. This is happening, because Saudi Arabia believes they have a much stronger militant group then Iran. Saudi Arabia’s population consists of mostly Sunnis, while Iran’s population consists of mostly Shias.
Both Saudi Arabia and Iran see Isis as a major threat. ...view middle of the document...

ISIS has already established a strong presence in Jordan and Lebanon. Both of these Countries are close to Saudi Arabia and Iran, which is why both countries are extremely concerned about ISIS.
ISIS has mainly had issues with the Sunnis. The United States believes the Sunni governments best lead militant offenses. The Obama Administration believes the only group that can defeat ISIS is the Sunnis. They also believe if the Shias get involved that it could cause a sectarian divide. This is why Saudi Arabia and Iran do not want to rush in aligning with each other to confront ISIS.
Having ISIS trying to take over the Middle Eastern Countries is a big deal to the United States. The United States have been trying to resolve issues in the Middle East ever since the September eleventh attacks occurred. Ever since ISIS has been taking over specific territories in the Middle East, the United States has been concerned. The United States does not want ISIS to attack their people they have stationed there. Also, the United Sates does not want ISIS to attack them like Al Qaeda.
I was surprised when I read that both Saudi Arabia and Iran both do not believe that ISIS is a big enough threat to confront immediately. Both countries believe it would be awkward if they went from enemies to allies. Personally, I believe they should both put their differences aside and confront ISIS. If they do not work together, ISIS could possibly try to take over the entire Middle East. The other Middle East countries are hoping that Saudi Arabia and Iran will work together in the future to confront ISIS.
I also believe Saudi Arabia and Iran should work together, so the United States does not have to get involved. The United States has already have enough trouble with countries in the Middle East. If ISIS gets out of control and aligns itself with countries in different continents, then the United States should probably get involved. Hopefully, it does not come to that point. The problems with ISIS taking over the Middle East need to get resolved as quickly as possible.

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