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Islam Essay

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World Religion-Islam
Lanise A. Middleton
Marc Rhoades

What is Islam? The word Islam comes from an Arabic root word meaning, “Peace and Submission”. The religion instills that one will discover peace by submitting to Allah totally with all your heart. Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world. There are over 1.6 billion followers. Islam is a monotheistic faith along with Christianity and Judaism. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. And as followers of Islam, Muslims have basic beliefs that they believe in:
Faith in unity of Allah (God)
Faith in Angels
Faith in Prophets
Faith in the books of Revelation
Faith in the afterlife
Faith in destiny
Faith ...view middle of the document...

(Fisher, 2014) (introduction to Islam, n.d.) (Library, 2013)
Islam has several denominations with Sunni being the largest. They represent over eighty-five percent of Muslims throughout the world. Sunni Muslims accept that the first four leaders are the genuine successors to The Prophet Muhammad. Shiite or Shia Muslims are the second largest denomination of Islam. They only believe the leader Ali and his descendants are successors to the Prophet Muhammad. The only true difference in the sects is in the political sense. The political differences have gone on for centuries varying over practices and positions that seem to have a spiritual significance. (Huda, n.d.) Other denominations are Wahabi, Alawite, Kharijites, and the Nation of Islam-which was founded in the 1930s in Detroit Michigan and primarily African American. (Library, 2013)
There are a few events that are considered to be the start of Islam. But the most notable would be when Muhammad was given the call to be God’s messenger. (Davies-Stofka, n.d.) Around 570 CE the Prophet Muhammad was born. Muhammad was orphaned and raised by his Uncle. He grew up not being able to read or write as most were during that time. But as he grew he became a very honest and trustworthy man. At about age 40, Muhammad started to hear voices and see visions. It was that of the Angel Gabriel who gave him revelations. He went into a cave in the outskirts of Mecca to get solitude. Although Muslims do not worship Muhammad, as he is only a messenger of Allah, his life story is important and consider as a model.
In 650 CE the written text of the Qur’an was revealed. This is the holy book of Islam which consists of 114 Surah’s (chapters). It is the last revealed word of God to the Prophet Muhammad. Muslim’s look to it for faith and guidance. It gives information about how you should live your life according to Islamic laws, but the main thing is about the relationship between God and his creatures. The Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad in Arabic only. Any other version is just a translation. It only exists in Arabic (what is the Qur'an about, n.d.)
I sat down with Khadijah Waliyudin, a Muslim Female, who has been practicing Islam since birth. Her parents were very strong in their religion worked hard to instill Islam into their children. For a period one year she was not practicing Islam because she felt that she was unable to commit wholeheartedly. As of January of this year she began practicing the religion again.
Why do Muslim women cover their heads? Why do they cover their faces? Is necessary?
Muslim women are required to cover their heads with what is known as a hijab or khimar to conceal any modesty to the male’s eyes. It is obligatory to wear when following Allah writing command (Qur’an). The face cover in which it is called a niqab (face screen or veil). This too is to cancel the modesty of mostly married Muslim women. This required attire is to have less attention to the gazing of male’s eyes.

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