Issues Concerning Computer Crimes Essay

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Issues Concerning Computer Crimes

Any time the military or an organization makes a major change, whether it's a new customer service plan, restructuring, downsizing, or in the case of this paper a new leader, it's the job of the leadership and management teams to communicate the new change effectively. "An organization will take on the personality of its top leader" (Phillips, pp 63-4). This famous quote by Abraham Lincoln is as true and accurate in today's organizations as it was over a hundred years ago. The leadership team must enlist the support and cooperation of the employees during these times. If senior leadership does not, both the policies and leadership styles that come ...view middle of the document...

Understanding how the grapevine works is very important for both senior and middle management. Informal communication is where a majority of information is passed from co-worker to co-worker through a term known as the "grapevine". Research indicates information transmitted through the grapevine is approximately seventy percent accurate; in some organizations as high as ninety percent (Smeltzer, pp 235). The grapevine can be both a positive and negative beast. Rumors are created when there is ambiguity multiplied by the interest in the up-coming change. As rumors proceed from worker to worker the information will under go a change. First, the data will lose its details, which simplifies the information. Second, the information is dramatized and made grander usually about its level. Third and last, workers will tend to per!
sonalize the news and make it shape their needs.
This grapevine has many parts and is continually changing, therefore; upper management must listen to the informal communication and ask questions to the junior staff. In 1985 Ford Automotives' senior leadership started to discuss and plan the installation of robots, which would be working on frame welding on Ford's full size trucks. Management wanted to increase the standardized weld spots and decrease employee injury and accidents. The workers found out about the new machinery and the grapevine was off and running. Very soon the unions were talking about striking the plant to save the jobs of those who would be laid-off by the robots. When management finally heard these incorrect rumors it had to initiate an emergency review and then communicate the fact to not only the unions but also the workers. Effectively communicating the facts to both the union and workers relieved the stress. The leadership informed both groups that the welders currently doing those jobs would!
be the ones programming the robots and providing quality control on the line. In actuality they showed how more workers were going to have to be employed for this particular project. Strategic managerial communication necessitates listening to messages that are not always obvious at first (Smeltzer, pp 60).
In the previous case study it is extremely clear that Ford's senior leadership at the plant did not have a solid communications link with the front line supervisors. Ford had to spend a lot of time and money on averting a strike. Ford could have saved money and won the trust of their work force by simply passing on the project information from the beginning of the project. When leaders of an organization keep information and decisions to themselves, they run the risk of loosing more then just a secret. They risk the alienation of various members in that organization. If a strong communication link had existed between Ford's senior management and the supervisors, the supervisors would have been able to alert management of the workers concerns.
An official announcement is usually released about who the...

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