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It 190 Unit 7b Project Essay

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Ernie Eberhart
Ernie Eberhart

Kaplan University
Kaplan University
IT117 Unit 7B Assignment

IT117 Unit 7B Assignment

As a novice in web design, I found this class to be very interesting and informative of what it takes behind the scenes in creating a website and web pages. It can be tedious at times, frustrating, but all in all, this course has really opened my eyes to how I look at web pages and sites now. Coding is constantly changing, and developers are finding faster and easier ways to effectively design functional web pages and sites. It is amazing how things come together when you start working on a coding project. A lot of thinking is involved, planning, and concentration but the end ...view middle of the document...

Whether it is for business or personal use, the tools and knowledge I have gained in this course will always be with me, and as an IT major, I am sure the concepts learned in this course will overlap into others in the future.
This class was an introduction to website development, so I expect that the course ahead in my IT degree program will build on this foundation, and the concepts learned in this class will be very valuable to my future success. Having gone through this class, my eyes are opened to other career possibilities that I had not considered before, but now have an interest in. Maybe I will be a website developer in the future; or maybe a software programmer. The funny thing is that I used to work with a young software developer and he had the skills for coding, but he couldn’t explain what he does in layman’s terms very well, and I couldn’t always understand what he meant. With the knowledge I now have from this class, I am confident that he and I would have a better understanding of each other when speaking of what does.
Seven weeks ago, this ten week course seemed like it would be forever. If you had asked be then what an opening and closing tag is, I would have had no idea! It is amazing how time flies, and we are now almost at the end of the journey. And guess what? I know what an opening and closing tag are! All kidding aside, this course has been both fun and frustrating, but despite my setbacks I have absorbed the majority of the content of this class. And I intend to use this knowledge and skills both personally and in my work. I hope that with all the work we have done in creating our class project, we will be able to continue to access it and build on it.

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