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It/240 Univeristy Of Phoenix Appendix E

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Associate Level Material
Appendix E

TCP/IP Network Planning Table

Refer to appendix E1.
Identify the problems with the TCP/IP network and complete the table.
|Problem |Explanation of Proposed Solution |
|Group A and D have incorrect subnet addresses. |All subnet addresses should be corrected to: |
| |This would be corrected by changing the subnet addresses from computer A to match computers B and C.|
|Group H, I, J, and K have incorrect IP addresses. |D also needs to be changed to the correct subnet to match the other computers. |
| ...view middle of the document...

| | |
| |Group B needs the gateway address changed to match the other gateway addresses: |
|Router 1 has an incorrect IP address. |IP addresses should match the network that it is flowing from Router 1’s IP address does not match. |
| | |
|Group E, F, G has incorrect IP addresses and subnets. |The IP address from the Token Ring Group E, F, and G need to be corrected. The IP addresses cannot |
| |all be the same numbers. They should start the same but then they should end with different numbers |
| |in order of the letters to flow properly. All have the same IP address of This would|
| |be correct for computer E but F would need to end with 101 and G would need to end with 102. The |
| |subnets also need to be corrected to |
| | |
|Groups L, M, N’s gateway addresses and subnets need to be corrected. |The subnets should be updated to The gateway address should be updated to |
| | |

Explain your answer for each problem.

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