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It May Not Work In Politics

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Politics of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Janell Fogle
Strayer University
U.S. Government
Professor Stallo

Politics of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Civil Rights Events that Influence Social Responsibility in American People Today
In the American history, several Civil liberties events have played an indispensable role in shaping the approach of Americans to social responsibility. For instance, the signing of executive order 9981 by President Truman in 1948 was critical in eliminating discrimination among Americans (Carson, 2013). The executive order declared equity of treatment among all persons working in the department of ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, this core responsibility of the government is to ensure that security of the citizens and their properties is not compromised.
Further, freedom of the press has enabled the American people to understand and interpret well government policies. Freedom of the press allows citizens to analyze the pros and cons of the systems (Jackson, 2009). It will enable them sieve and adopt only beneficial government policies and criticize nonbeneficial one.
Finally, freedom of the press has been pivotal in encouraging democracy in the nation. The media accomplishes this role by educating citizens on their civil rights such as right to vote. . Further, freedom of the press has provided individuals with a platform of criticizing modern government policies. The watchdog role of the press is towards enables the government only to adopt policies that are beneficial to the citizens. For instance, the news role in condemning corruption and embezzlement of public funds has been fundamental in ensuring that tax collected from citizens well spent (Jackson, 2009)
Media Events that have influenced Public opinion on government agency
Several media events have taken place that has changed public opinion on the government agencies. For instance, the media coverage of the war in Iraq in 2003-2008 shaped the public opinion regarding the Treasury. Several ways First, the media helped change the misconception of the citizens regarding using their money to support military operations in Iraq. Initially, the majority of the Americans had the opinion that taxpayers’ money was being wasted in sponsoring military operations in Iraq (Graber, 2013). However, after a critical analysis of the war by the American media, public opinion changed with the majority of the citizens being convinced that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that were threatening global security. According to the research that was done by Pew Research Company in 2003, the majority of the Americans opposed President Bush decision to go to war. During that time, most of the Americans were not sure why America had to go to war. In fact, 78% of the Americans opposed to the war (Graber, 2013). However, in 2008, after an extensive coverage by the media 54% of Americans supported the idea of taking to American troops to war in Iraq (Graber, 2013).The media helped Americans realize that their funds were being well utilized as security was paramount for USA prosperity
Secondly, the media coverage of the refugees has enabled the public to change their opinion on immigration. Today, the public holds a definite view on refugees. For instance, in 2011 a report by s of 2011 holds that 57% of Americans believe that immigrants strengthen the society rather than burden it (Graber, 2013). On the contrary to the report of 2010 which indicated that over 65% of the Americans were against immigration. Citing that immigrants were a threat to their jobs and put unnecessary pressure on the health care...

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