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It Utilization Of E Commerce Essay

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Recommendation to Sara Lee Corporation:
IT utilization of e-commerce

Lionel Warren & Hamjat Jallomy Bah
Instructor: Professor Herniter
Course: IS535
August 15, 2011
Information technology represents the future of global business. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinary with the widespread use of the internet. In order for companies to effectively compete, it is essential that they have e-commerce as part of their selling and buying strategy. Companies should also integrate e-commerce with their Customer Relationship Management. There are several e-commerce software systems on the market place. It is imperative in selecting ...view middle of the document...

Strategic e-commerce is an iterative process of planning which is continuous and is aimed at giving an organization the ability to sustainably compete in its business environment (Miller & Dess, 1997). E-commerce is described as the trade that transpires through the internet, digital technologies and other networks and involves the exchange of information, products and services for money (Laudon, 1999). As it involves the use of the internet and other networks, e-commerce enables an organization to expand strategically without having to invest in additional physical space or personnel. An organization that utilizes this informational technology strategy give its customers the opportunity to purchase goods and services twenty four hours a day as well as have access to current information about their products and the organization. A strategic e-commerce concept will provide Sara Lee Corporation with a sustained competitive advantage in this era of information technology as a key component for driving growth in organizations.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal. Managing customer relationship is very important to Sara Lee because the company often establishes long term relationship with its customers.

Sara Lee Corporation
The Sara Lee Corporation was started as a bakery owned by Charlie Rubin who named the cheesecake Sara Lee after his daughter. Consolidated Foods bought the company in 1956 and in a strategic makeover in 1985 renamed the company Sara Lee Corporation. Sara Lee Corporation is involved in the manufacture and marketing of beverages, meats, bakery products, body care and house hold products. The company through its various entities around the world manufactures over seventy consumer food products in its famous bakery’s and cafes. Some of the famous brand names include Bistro collection, Bimbo, Ortiz, Sara Lee-Deli, Java Coast, Jimmy Dean, Sara-Lee Fresh Bakery, Deli Perfect, Douwe, Egberts and many others. The organization markets its products in over one hundred and eighty countries worldwide The various business subsidiaries of the organization around the world are:
 International Beverage
 North American Retail
 International Bakery
 North American Food service
 North American Fresh Bakery
The organization generates over twelve billion dollars in revenues and employs over fifty two thousand employees globally.

Current Business Issues
Many businesses that had reserved the web for only branding strategies have now changed tact and are using the internet to sell their products on line to remain competitive in the current business environment. For example a company that benefits from e-commerce is Food Depot Incorporated. Food Depot Incorporated uses e-commerce for shipping foods to and from all over the world. Another such company is...

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