Itmg321 Week 1 Q/A Essay

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Week 1 Summary Review Questions

1. Describe the features of a project? What is the main difference between daily operations and a project?

The features of a project is that it creates an exclusive product or service, has distinct start and end dates and is a brief endeavor. The main difference between daily operations and a project is that a project creates a new, unique product or service and operations creates a repetitive product or service.

2. True or False? Projects are developed in steps that progress in increments, starting with the more detailed aspects of the project and progressively moving to a high level definition of the project.


3. Describe the triple constraint and what they are based on. When is a project considered complete?

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The outputs of the initiating phase is project charter. The second phase is planning. In the planning phase you identify the scope of the project and resource requirements. The outputs of this planning is project management plan. The third phase is executing, where you implement the project management plan, complete the work and coordinate staff. The outputs of executing is deliverable.

The fourth phase is monitoring or controlling. In this phase you ensure the objectives are met by monitoring and tracking the project’s progress. The outputs of monitoring and controlling is corrective action. The final phase is closing. In this phase you formalize the acceptance of the project and ensure an orderly end. The outputs of this phase is signing-off from the customer or sponsor.

6. Describe the skills needed by a project manager during the monitoring/controlling phase.

In this monitoring/controlling phase, the manager needs to obtain sponsor or customer sign-off, turn over the deliverable along with ensuring that support begins, review the project with all team members, identify lessons learned and generate a final project report.

7. True or False? A project should not be started if there is risk.


8. Give three examples of why IT projects are different compared to non-IT projects.

IT projects are different from non-IT projects because the deliverable is often intangible, the designers are often the implementers and most IT departments have multiple projects going on simultaneously that are linked.

9. True or False? Most projects are moderately successful.


10. True or False? The rate of technology change does not have an impact on IT projects.


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