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Unit 4 Case Study 2: Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a rather harsh reality for many people that love soaking up the sun, however genetics and gene mutation may be playing a larger role in the development of carcinomas. Almost everyone has experienced a sunburn from staying out at the beach for too long, or not reapplying the appropriate amount of sunscreen. The damage that UVA and UVB rays can do to the integumentary system in a short period of time can cause life changing effects.
Genetic mutations are sometimes caused by outside sources such as UVB rays, and other times linked to hereditary factors. In ...view middle of the document...

The bad cells are now being copied and replicated. The genetic mutations that pose the greatest risk of developing skin cancer are CDK4 and CDKN2A gene mutations. These two mutations effect the tumor suppressor, and stop the cell from performing its normal job. Gene mutations can be germ-line meaning passed from parent to offspring if they are hereditary. Genes can also be mutated by outside sources such a light beds, and excessive exposure to UV light.
Throughout the body several genes are responsible for performing different tasks. In the body, the genes that control the color of our skin, hair, and eyes is known as melanocortin or MC1R. The job of MC1R is specific to pigmentation. Since this type of gene is a receptor, it is located on the surface of melanocytes. One example I found interesting is that a pale skinned red haired female has more MC1R than a blue eyed blonde female. This is because it takes more melanocrotin to produce the deep red base color for the hair causing it to pull more MC1R from the skin.

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