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Jacksonian age is a time during which Andrew Jackson was the president of the United States of America. This was between the year 1829 and 1837. The reforms he did in his way of administration brought a change in the succeeding years, in America. This paper seeks to examine the widespread religious commotion of the Jacksonian age.

Christian religion in Jacksonian era During this age, America was highly dominated by the ancient lines of the protestant doctrines and denominations. The state was in control of everything that happened in the church (Sellers 2006). However, when the church separated itself from the state, divisions emerged in the protestant denomination where every denomination considered themselves superior to the others. The Methodist, ...view middle of the document...

Some revivalists from the Baptist denomination made it baptism a necessity for fulfillment of the conversion experience (Sellers 2006). Having been baptized the converts believed to have an assurance of eternal life, they then devoted themselves to the church. Though, the revivals were seen to be artificial and organized, people say that they remained at the same level. There became a unified operation of messages and methods of delivering them. However, there were some acts that arose in the church that made it lose the respect they had gained. Most of the revivalists started making their revival meetings as a source of income. Though they termed it as a free will giving, people asked many questions on how they became famous with the abnormal profits they made. Immorality was also reported among the revivalists.
Traditional religion In the nineteenth century, America’s belief in supernatural things such as ghosts and phrenology increased. They believed in supernatural powers through faith and folk medicines. Many groups with different believes emerged, causing a divergence of attention from the secular world to such groups. Freemasonry was also presented in the United States though it did not catch the attention of many. They had secrets and beliefs that made many people not to join them. Anybody who made their secrets known was however, murdered. In fact, people who practiced it were accused of engaging in inhuman acts.
Conclusion This paper has examined the state of the religion in the Jacksonian age. We had observed that it was till when the church became independent of the state that divisions started in the denominations. The emergence of many denominations and other religious groups played a significant role in the changes made in religion.

Sellers, C. (2006). The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America. New York: Oxford University Press.

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