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The Presidency of Andrew Jackson – The Rise of Mass Democracy

|Andrew Jackson – Biographical snap shot |
|-His parents had been immigrants |
|-At 14 he fought in the American Revolution |
|-Experienced dueling a couple of times |
|-War hero (Battle of New Orleans and Indian Wars in Florida) ...view middle of the document...


|Developments at the grassroots level prepared the way for democratic changes at the federal level after Jackson took office. There was a widespread belief in | |
|the principle of equality (for the white male majority) – or more precisely, equality of opportunity during the “Age of Jackson” | |
|Review: What was historic about the election of 1800? | |
|What role did the 12th Amendment play in the election of 1824? | |
| | |
|The election of Andrew Jackson in 1828 initiates a new and more democratic era in American political and social history. | |
|#1. "King Caucus" ( closed door meeting of congressional party leaders) – Jeffersonian members of Congress met in caucus to nominate presidential and | |
|vice-presidential candidates. This will be replaced by national nominating conventions | |
|#2. Universal male suffrage – New western states had liberal voter qualifications and the trend towards universal male suffrage took hold elsewhere | |
|#3 Popular elections (and Presidential campaigning) By 1832, in most states, voters, rather than the state’s legislators chose a state’s slate of presidential | |
|electors. | |
|Going "Whole Hog" for Jackson in 1828 | |
|Know: Old Hickory, Mudslinging, Rachel Robards | |
|3. Describe the tone and tactics used in the 1828 election. | |
| | |
|“Old Hickory” as President | |
|Know: Inaugural Brawl, King Mob | |
|4. What was there about Andrew Jackson which made him a man of the people? ...

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