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Jet Blue Essay

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Lost bags at baggage claim, delayed flights, crowded airports and worse overbooked flights; this is all part of the traveling experience, especially when it comes to airlines. No matter which airline it is they all tend to be the same. One airline is out to change that, through lower prices and even better, a focus on you the customer. That company is JetBlue led by its visionary Founder and CEO David Neeleman. Neeleman believes so strongly in delivering customer value to his passengers that he often rides flights to hear personal direct feedback from passengers as it is happening, and he also likes to be paged whenever a flight is delayed or something in the JetBlue business is not properly ...view middle of the document...

JetBlue has looked to capitalize on this unhappiness and it shows through several different characteristics that allow the relationship that JetBlue has with its crewmembers and customers in order to add value not only to the flight experience itself, but the overall travel experience from booking to arrival and picking up bags.
“JetBlue is a value-based company built on the principle that to be extraordinary on the outside you must be extraordinary on the inside. Every airport employee from the supervisor’s on down is considered to be an equal player in the company’s success and is referred to as “crewmembers” (Johnson, & Weinstein, 2004 pg 321). By doing this JetBlue reiterates the message that the customer experience is felt by any and all of its employees and those employees should all be on the same page when it comes to delivering flawless execution at every customer contact point. This is one objective that is constantly being echoed throughout the entire company.
One of the other objectives that are constantly being echoed throughout the corporate culture of JetBlue is efficiently utilizing different resources in order to keep fairs lower for all JetBlue customers. One of the key ways JetBlue achieves this goal is by hiring virtual agents (agents who work virtually, not in a brick-and-mortar call center) to book reservations.” David Neeleman pioneered the arrangement at his first airline, Morris Air, and it worked so well that he replicated it at JetBlue. Equipping agents with a home computer eliminates the need for a large expensive call center. It also boosts efficiency and retention in a job with traditionally high turnover. It offers agents, many of them at-home moms, flexible part-time work. When call volume is down, someone on the operations desk in the Salt Lake City office sends an email offering voluntary time off, or VTO, to the first agents who respond” (Salter, 2001). At home reservation agent’s book flights for customers while working from home; Neeleman was a visionary at the time, because in current times, more companies than ever before are now considering utilizing the at home agent model as it eliminates hefty call center costs that usually associated with customer service centers. Another unique feature of the at home agent model from JetBlue’s stance is the efficiency with which its central operations center can control the agents with. Working in a virtual operations center myself, it is much easier to control the call volume when it is low by offering the agents VTO’s (which they are more likely to accept since they are most likely compensated based on how many calls they take or how many flights they book, therefore if there are no calls coming in the agents are not making money) or on the other hand when the volume is high the operations center can send out for OT to encourage agents to log on and begin taking calls. Since they work from home, it provides agents with maximum flexibility in their schedules to...

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