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Job Analysis

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Job Analysis
DeVry University
MGMT 410
Due date: March 24, 2014

Job Analysis
The occupation descriptions are customarily intended as per company’s requirements and standard course of action from prospective workers. Companies form occupation descriptions for informational purposes and use job announcements to set the preliminary standards for employment candidates. “The job description should be reviewed and updated annually, usually by the employee and supervisor during the performance review cycle” (McNamara, 2008). There are necessary components that describe the occupation descriptions which include schooling, knowledge, skills and capabilities needed for a potential ...view middle of the document...

I was kind of surprised that California wasn’t listed as above average because California has lots of celebrities along with big corporations that need Accountants and Auditors. The average salary for both Accountants and Auditors are both sixty three thousand five hundred fifty dollars a year.

Figure 1: Occupational Employment Statistics, 2013

Figure 1: The graph from the Bureau of Labor shows that the hourly wage of accountants and auditors is “$36.48, with a yearly income of $75,870” (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2013). This is much greater than what is listed on the ONET website. The average salary for Accountant and Auditors on ONET is $63,550.
“Job analysis is crucial for validating all major human resources practices” (Dessler, 2013). The primary reason is to outline the role for training determinations. Another reason is that a job analysis is needed for an assessment that is based against how the prospective worker is evaluated. A Human Resource expert would use ONET with a job analysis because ONET has better matches with potential job candidates by evaluating their job interests and the level of experience the individual strives for. Some jobs require a Bachelor’s Degree or higher that will affect the hiring decision of the HR Department. Furthermore, the Interest Profiler shows a graph that scores the applicants interests that are broken down into different categories that may be needed in the job.
There are many things, I have learned about job analysis such as businesses use data to support with making applicant specifications for employment determinations which then drives the training-program. This data is correspondingly used for...

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