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Job Task Analyze Essay

1090 words - 5 pages

Locate several job descriptions that apply to the position you have selected from the list.

I will choose an entry-level job in a customer service call center. This entree level job will

be a bank call center customer service representative. I will talk about Bank A and Bank B call

center customer service representative. According to task analysis information, I will create Bank

C call center customer center representative.

Compare the common tasks and behavioral objectives contained within the job

descriptions or lists of duties.

Customer service is an organization’s relationship with its customers. Call center
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Job / task

analysis involves collecting, recording and analyzing information about the subject matter,

framework and requirements of the job. The job analysis process has seven steps. These steps are

getting organized, choosing jobs, reviewing knowledge, selecting job agents, collecting job

information, creating job description, creating a job specifications. (Steward&Brown, 2011).

A task analysis for a call center customer service representative can focus on customer

satisfaction, cost reduction or differentiation. Job knowledge is reviewed. Job descriptions and

duties are made so the call center customer service know what the purpose of job is. Job analysis

interviews, job analysis questionnaire or job analysis observation can be made for collecting job

information. Also job specifications help to find out what is done, what knowledge, skills, and

abilities they need. (Steward&Brown, 2011).

A list of tasks or assignments and competencies that pertains to the job is generated to

create tasks for Bank C call center customer service representatives. The common tasks are

shown in Appendix. In order to develop a comprehensive list of task, previous job descriptions

are reviewed, conducted an direct observation or interviewed on people performing this job. The

supervisors or managers directly assigns the tasks or work of an employee so it is important to

conduct interview with the supervisors or managers that have jurisdiction over this job. Next,

that tasks are rated according to what is most important. On the basis of the ratings survey,

analyze which competencies are critical to the position so that one can efficiently and

successfully achieve said tasks. The final step is to summarize the results of the survey ratings

and competencies and write it in a conventional job description format in which one outlines the

qualifications/ competencies needed for the position and a description of the job that the position

is expected to perform. After this review, insurance policy, mortgage and loan options found

important. Bank B’ call center customer service representatives have to work on insurance policy

terms and Bank A’ customer service representatives have to work on processing better loan and

mortgage options.

Call center customer representatives need to have some skills, abilities to perform the

job. They have knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal

services, knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems. They have skills of

active listening, active speaking, service orientation, persuasion, critical thinking. They have

ability of speech clarity, comprehension. All these characteristics provide to reduce call handling

time and increase the number of customers per...

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