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Joes Crabin The But Essay

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Sir Stanley Savige (1890–1954) was an Australian Army soldier and officer who served in the First and Second World Wars. He enlisted in the First Australian Imperial Force in March 1915, and served in the ranks during the Gallipoli Campaign, where he received a commission. He earned the Military Cross for bravery in fighting on the Western Front. In 1918 he joinedDunsterforce, and participated in the Caucasus Campaign, during which he was instrumental in protecting thousands of Assyrian refugees. After the war he wrote a book, Stalky's Forlorn Hope, about his wartime experiences, and played a key role in the establishment ...view middle of the document...

He rose to the rank of lieutenant general, commanding the II Corps in the Bougainville campaign in the final stages of the war. (Full article...)Part of the Command in the South West Pacific Area series, one of Wikipedia's featured topics. * Recently featured:  * Astatine * L'Arianna * Great Stink * Archive * By email * More featured articles... |
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* ... that Leonardo da Vinci published a world map (pictured) in which eight octants of the earth were projected onto eight Reuleaux triangles? * ... that Howard Lee McBain, a Columbia University professor, helped draft electoral laws in Cuba? * ... that thousands of logs that were the 12th-century wooden fort Bulverket, built in the middle of Sweden'sLake Tingstäde, can still be seen through the ice in winter? * ... that Sheila Florance broke her knee wielding an antique shotgun while filming Mad Max? * ... that the order in which Mass-goers kissed the pax led to disputes and sometimes violence in the Middle Ages? * ... that Romanian architect Alexandru Săvulescu's Communal Palace of Buzău was declared an architectural monument? * ... that Heo Young-saeng's 2013 album Memories to You was a parting gift for his Japanese fans before his two-year mandatory military service in South Korea? * ... that in the future, virtual pharmaceuticals may be tested on virtual patients in in silico clinical trials before the real drugs are tested on real people in real clinical trials? * Recently improved articles * Start a new article * Nominate an article |

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