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Johnson & Johnson Essay

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Case #1
Personally, I am in a full support, to put the customers first and shareholders last. Because companies sell trust and if you put the customers first then you’re showing that you care for them. In return, the customers will feel secure and confident to buy the company’s products or services. For example Johnson & Johnson company’s credos is “A company that put customers first and shareholders last ultimately benefited both groups”. I don't think the company would ...view middle of the document...

I mean, if he hadn't taken such drastic measures, for consumers there might have always been a bit of uncertainty about buying Tylenol products. I believe that the acceptance of financial losses and maintaining a strong, ethical business core helped rebuild and make the J & J stronger. This proves how an organization and a CEO with corporate social responsibility cores can handle a catastrophe by doing the right thing worldwide. At the end, this social responsibility core idea benefited the customers, employees and shareholders in return.
In conclusion, I also think corporations should act in the public interest whenever it is right for them to do it; when not putting in danger their bottom line. Like everything in life, moderation and self-control should be practice, meaning that the company should focus on its interest but also should focus on increasing the social responsibility. Companies are not always able to use their fortune for charitable purposes. They have to pursue to boost profits for their own company and then from their investments could help charities as well as to improve their own social welfare. However, the decision of the company to put the public interest first is up to them because they should watch its business profit to be able to better serve the people, employees and the shareholders.

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