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Journey To Knowledge Essay

590 words - 3 pages

Mindy Cohen
Sandra DesJardins

My Journey to Knowledge

After eight years of living with my client as his home health care provider and i thought we were good friends, he descides to let his daughter (who he has just met on the internet and never seen before, be cause he left her mom while she was pregnant, to become a junkie) take care of him. Well he tells me this and I say well can I have like a month to get two more checks so I have money to move because I have nothing in the bank. I have payed all the bills and I need some travel money and a little bit of cash the bank in case emergency. I don't want go whereever I'm going to go without some back up funds, your giving me like no ...view middle of the document...

Now this is really a kick in the ass, I don't know why he just couldnt give me a a little time to adjust and get some cash find new job etc- why was nhe bieng such a prick to me- I was just really angry as well as hut and feeling like where was i going out of work out of home that i have my pets that i love and now have to leave- im all confused and upset and mad and i want to scream.

I need to get my head together and just vent a little so i go to my friend Yolanda's house- she knows mark and his stupid ways so im telling her whats going on and she totally supports me which is nice -. I always thought i took very good care of him when he was really sick I was there no matter what, I always had his back. Now i feel like he stabbed me in the back, for no reason.

So I call my uncle and let him know whats going on he says I can come stay with him If I want he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona 900 miles away . So now at least i have a place to go, now need to pack and get some cash so i can get there.

Well now I'm scared because I have never driven such a long distance by myself before , traveling alone too. I have to start my life all over with only what I can carry, leaving all else behind me once again. I'm getting too old for this shit, I need some stability this sucks. Well maybe it will be for the best , get away from stupid Mark, and the bunch of losers he calls friends. Get me far away from lake county and Clearlake California, the land of methanphetamine addicts and oxycotton junkies.

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