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Judical System In Kazakhstan Essay

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The judiciary is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. The judiciary also provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes. Under the doctrine of the separation of powers, the judiciary generally does not make law or enforce law but rather interprets law and applies it to the facts of each case.

Judicial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of the Supreme Court and local courts established in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Constitutional Law.

To local courts refer:
1. region and equal level courts (city court of the capital of the republic, city courts of republican level cities, ...view middle of the document...

The bodies of the Supreme Court are:
• supervisory commission;
• commission on civil cases;
• commission on criminal cases;
• plenary meeting of the court.

Under the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan there was established the Committee on judicial administration, exercising functions of organization and technical maintenance of court activities. The Committee and its territory units -administrators of courts of oblasts, cities of Astana and Almaty, form an integrated system of bodies on maintenance of activities of local courts.
Supreme Court of Kazakhstan is a top judicial body for civil, criminal and other cases that supervises activities of courts and provides clarifications on matters of judicial practices.
Supreme Court structure:  Supreme Court comprises Chairperson, chairpersons of collegiums, and judges.
Chairperson, chairpersons of collegiums and judges of Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan are elected by Senate upon recommendation of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Chairpersons of regional and similar courts, chairpersons of their collegiums and judges are appointed by President of the Republic upon recommendation...

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