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Jessie Cohen
Simmons 101

Simmons 101 Midterm (risking topic)

Freshman year to senior year I taught first graders about Judaism and the Hebrew alphabet every Sunday at my synagogue in Plano Texas. By doing that, it made me realize that I wanted to pursue in teaching. But what was I going to do after senior year? Stay in Dallas so I could still work at my synagogue or venture out and see what else there was out there that could hopefully teach me new things and help me learn new things while in a classroom. I knew that if I wanted to pursue in teaching I needed to go out and learn new things in different communities. Growing up in Dallas Texas I was not in a diverse ...view middle of the document...

A lot of things seemed interesting, but the one thing that jumped out at me was Jumpstart. I had worked with kids in my synagogue but I had never worked in a school that the purpose was to help them prepare for kindergarten. Each session in Jumpstart was planned out for us, we just had to figure out who was doing which center and go from there. The centers include art, writing center, dramatic play, puzzles and manipulative, and lets find out about it. Lets find out about it is where the kids do a fun project in which they learned about in the book that they had read in the beginning of session. Jumpstart is something I had never heard of so that made it more interesting for me, which made me want to join. Joining something was what I wanted to do. But I also wanted to join something easy and something that I had already heard about. But unfortunately, I had not heard about all of the organizations. So I had to risk it so that in the end I learned something new and interesting. The few weeks of training were interesting and inspiring because I had no prior knowledge about Jumpstart. So I was taking a risk in that I would not learn anything in the end. Fortunately, I have learned so much. By taking that risk, I have learned so much about kids. Not only am I taking an education class that gives me prior knowledge before going into session...

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