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Just Like That Repport To The Court

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Just like that – Report to the court

I will start out by giving you a short summary of the whole case. As I understand it the situation is as follows. The boy in this case Jamie and his father William, are out in the Australian wildness, to shoot kangaroos. Jamie tells me, that he is reluctant to use the riffle. However his father keeps pushing him to take the rifle and shoot his first kangaroo. I understand that he feels that his father is pushing him further than he wishes to go. The pressure leads to further shootings, and as I understand it, the boy feels that he loses control of himself. The ...view middle of the document...

He has been crying a couple of times. I don’t think he cries because he is scared, actually I think it’s because he wants to fool me, to think that he is a little innocent boy. In my opinion Jamie knows what he did, when he shot his father, it was not an accident. Jamie is a sly, but clever little boy. The relationship between Jamie and his father was actually not good. Jamie has some serious wounds on his back and legs. It looks like he's been beaten by a belt or something like that. His mother left Jamie and his dad, when Jamie was little. That might have had a negative effect on him. It seems that his dad has been pushing him, to do stuff that Jamie did not like, since he was little. I assume, that the shooting incident has had an effect on him as well. It made him even more unstable than he already was.

On the basis of the interview with Jamie, and my evaluation of his psychological profile, I recommend, that he should go to a youth detention center. That would definitely be the best thing to do, because he might have a negative impact on his surroundings.
Now that his father is dead, and his mother is gone, it would be the best thing to do. In my opinion, he has to talk to a psychologist at least three times a week, and do some community service. I would not recommend him going to a family care, because that might get very dangerous, for him and the members of the family, especially if they have children.

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