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Katie Essay

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Bianca Robinson Franklin High School

6 Patton Drive Somerset, NJ 08873
Somerset, NJ 08873

During the summer of 2001 I had the opportunity to work at the Dorothy B. Hersh Regional Child Protection Center at St. Peters University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The area that I worked in was highly confidential because it dealt with child abuse. Prior to this work experience I had the ...view middle of the document...

Being involved in my grandmother’s and nephew’s illnesses also played a major part in helping me to establish my goals for the future. I had helped my mother in caring for my grandmother when she had her stroke; including changing her clothes and diapers. I had held my nephew at 3 weeks old when he was in pediatric intensive care with meningitis.

Working at the Child Protection Center was significant because it gave me a broader view of the medical field. I became aware of the connection between physical and psychological healing. This awareness guided me to the decision to major in pre-med biology and psychology in college. My mind became clearly focused after seeing helpless children at the pediatric clinic, who had both visible and invisible scars that needed healing.

These are the major reasons obtaining a higher education is important to me.
I know that at 17 years old, I may not fully realize how difficult this challenging career goal will be. I do know that I have the motivation, perseverance, and family support that I’ll need to meet this challenge.

Receiving a BEN Scholarship would be a financial blessing towards helping me to achieve my goal.

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