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Marketers for Pepsi

Kelly Corporate Headquarters
999 West Big Beaver Road Troy, Michigan 48084-4782
(248) 362-4444

PepsiCo, Inc.
700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

Dear Concerned/Mr./Ms.,/

Kelly Services is a Fortune 500 hiring firm that provides hiring services to a vast majority of Fortune 500 companies. Existing since 1946, we have 67 years of experience in placing the right candidates in the right jobs per company needs.

We have more than 700,000 employees with an average of 10 years of experience throughout 2500 offices located in 26 different countries. Companies who utilize these experienced employees find that they are ...view middle of the document...

Our staff is well trained and has experience in marketing beverages to a diverse audience. Our marketing professionals will help Pepsi get back into the competition and start generating more publicity for other products.
Coca Cola has taken a great amount of the market shares. The reason for this has been from the disadvantage in marketing strategies. Where Coca Cola put emphasis on being a “Classic” drink, Pepsi focuses on “Youth” so in order for that to happen the spokespeople have changed numerous times and relies on pop stars and music to fuel campaigns. With our marketer’s knowledge of is popular with the younger generation it will allow Pepsi to use its focus on “Youth” to its full potential. With Pepsi not having an Advertisement during the Super Bowl in 2010 it allowed Coca Cola to pull a little farther ahead of Pepsi.
In 2010 the competition was still extremely close between the Pepsi and Coca Cola. With a professional marketing staff, Pepsi will be able to close the $4.44 dollar stock gap as Pepsi cola sale’s increase. Focusing on advertising the Pepsi cola will bring back much needed publicity to the brand to the younger generation. With advertising on not only the Television but within popular media like, video games and movies it allows subtle and not overbearing marketing to a much bigger demographic than just television alone. With multiple methods of advertising, you’ll have a more diverse customer base. The key point of this strategy is that it targets an audience that will be buying beverages to enjoy their form of entertainment, there by giving them a subtle nudge towards buying Pepsi over Coca Cola.
We, at Kelly Services, hope you will allow us to assist you with your marketing needs and look forward to being able to form a professional relationship with PepsiCo.
Sales Manager
Kelly Services

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