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Knowledge Management Case Study

430 words - 2 pages

Nicole Wells
MISM 2301

CDM, Inc. Knowledge Management Case Study Questions:

1. What approaches does CDM employ to manage the tacit and the explicit knowledge within the organization and why does this effort require such different approaches to manage tacit versus explicit knowledge? [table]
| |Tacit Knowledge |Explicit Knowledge |Why it’s different |
|Technical disciplines |discussion forums |library of specific management, trade, and |explicit knowledge exists in formal documents and |
|( Maintains its own |meeting and ...view middle of the document...

|a library of what they deemed best-practice client |you are looking for, but serves as a platform |
|platform in the past | |deliverables (e.g. reports, studies, drawings, and |Tacit knowledge allows you to source your |
| | |the like) |information from other resources, and gain |
| | | |knowledge specific to what you are looking for |

2. How does CDM’s approach to knowledge management improve worker productivity? [list]
a. They spend less time trying to search for the information since it is located in one common place
b. They are able to get information from other workers who may have more insight
c. Portals facilitate the distribution of the...

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