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Kyoto Protocol And Global Warming Evaluation

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Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming Evaluation
Lisa Kyser
University of Phoenix
Environmental Economics
Neal Johnson
August 15, 2011


Global climate change and global warming are subjects that people either believe is happening or believe is a hoax. The fact that the Earth’s average temperature has risen, suggests that humans have influenced the environment enough to cause changes in the temperature. Global climate change and global warming are being affected by people and their disregard or ignorance of their effects on the planet and others. The Kyoto Protocol was established to help fight global warming. It was designed to cut greenhouse gases by 5.2% from ...view middle of the document...

Industrialized countries, with their technology leave a carbon footprint on the planet but they also have the ability to find other ways to reduce their footprints and to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere by changing their use of fossil fuels or finding alternative kinds of fuel such as solar power, wind power and hydro power. Developing countries do not all have the ability or resources to implement alternative fuel sources so they continue to use fossil fuels but because they are still developing, they do not use as much as developed countries. Global warming can be reduced by large-scale changes – international, national, and regional policies; systematic efforts to reduce polluting fossil fuel energy sources and unsound land use practices; and steady progress toward a green, sustainable future ("Global Warming," 2010, para. 7).
The Kyoto Protocol was a treaty negotiated in Kyoto Japan in December of 1997 and came into force February 2005. The Kyoto Protocol is a legal binding agreement in which industrialized countries will reducer their greenhouse emissions by 5.2% compared to the year 1990. The protocol’s objective is to lower the overall emissions of six greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafluoride, HFCs, and PFCs ("Kyoto Protocol," “n.d.”, para. 2). The Kyoto protocol is meant to bring countries together to reduce global warming and to...

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