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Lab 2 Essay

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Top of Form
Report Details for | Security assessment: |
| Severe Risk (One or more critical checks failed.) |
Computer name: | |
IP address: | |
Security report name: | |
Scan date: | 3/16/2016 2:54 PM |
Scanned with MBSA version: | 2.3.2211.0 |
Catalog synchronization date: | Security updates scan not performed |
| |
Sort Order: |
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Windows Scan Results

Administrative Vulnerabilities

  Score   | Issue  | Result  |
| Automatic Updates |
| The Automatic Updates system service is not running. |
What was scanned                How to correct this | | |
| ...view middle of the document...

Enable auditing and turn on auditing for specific events such as logon and logoff. Be sure to monitor your event log to watch for unauthorized access. |
What was scanned                How to correct this | | |
| Services |
| No potentially unnecessary services were found. |
What was scanned                | | |
| Shares |
| 2 share(s) are present on your computer. |
What was scanned      Result details      How to correct this | | |
| Windows Version |
| Computer is running Microsoft Windows 7. |
What was scanned                | | |

Desktop Application Scan Results

Administrative Vulnerabilities

  Score   | Issue  | Result  |
| IE Zones |
| Internet Explorer zones have secure settings for all users. |
What was scanned      | | |
| Macro Security |
| No supported Microsoft Office products are installed. |
          | | |

Experimental Report

1. Focus on the overall “security assessment” risk rating that appears at the top of your report.  Considering what security measures you (or the computer owner) have undertaken for your computer, does the assessment surprise you?  Why or why not? What measures should you plan to undertake if the green checkmark did not appear?
My computer received a rating of severe risk after scanning my computer using MBSA. This assessment doesn't come to a surprise to be because I am aware of the critical checks that failed. One of the critical checks that failed pertains to my automatic updates systems not running. I am currently aware that i turned off my automatic updates. I update my system manually, but i intend on turning on the automatic updates. I only use this computer for school work purposes and sometimes with automatic updates it interrupts my daily processes so that why i choose to manually decide when to update my computer. Also another area that also needs to be addressed is windows firewall being disabled. It is important for the firewall to be up to protect against malicious cyber attacks.

2. a. What does MBSA do to check for weak local account passwords? 
b. Why is it important to have a strong password on local user accounts especially in a corporate environment? 
c. Explain why it is important to have a password expiration policy set.
MBSA checks to make sure that local accounts do not have blank passwords, passwords that match the account name, passwords that matches the device name, passwords that are “password”, and also that contain the words admin or administrator. MBSA looks at the password policy governing password expiration to ensure that users are forced to rotate passwords (Microsoft TechNet, 2005). Strong passwords are important to reduce risks to confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

In a corporate environment an employee can leverage the information from a company’s password policy in an attack. For example, if an employee knows that the password requirements...

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