Labor Issue: Women And Minority Of The Past, Present, And Future

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Labor Issue: Women and Minority of the Past, Present, and Future
Rachel Galvan
National University
27 September 2009

At one point in everyone’s working career there is the issue of dealing with certain problems in the workplace. No matter how much a person will try to ignore the problems there comes a point where a certain individual or a group of people have to speak up and defend themselves. Many times it can be difficult to bring up a certain topic there is always a solution to a problem. In the United States the labor issues have became a common ground for employees to voice their own opinion, when they know that they were treated unfairly. Although that is a reality of today of ...view middle of the document...

As many young adults they have a certain imagination for a new city that they will be moving and expect everything to turn out the way it should, but the reality is not everything will be the way that they wished it should. In the article “Too Much of Distasteful Masculinity”; Historicizing Sexual Harassment in the Garment Sweatshop and Factory” Daniel E. Bender, describes an example of how a woman had to deal with working in the garment workplace and dealt with men who would take advantage of her and she would not know how to handle certain situations. “Pesha was not alone in her confrontation with sexual harassment. The memoirs of female and male garment workers suggest that everything from ‘salacious bantering and indecent ribaldry‘ to sexual demands rendered the garment sweatshop a sexualized workplace”. Pesha was uncomfortable with working with men who would used her and speak to her in sexual advances that she never approved of. She knew that she could not change her situation but to stay there until something better came along. Pesha was one of the few women at that time that felt that they had to stay there because they had no other choice, but to deal with the men that would make her feel less as of human. “Sexual harassment, defined by one historian as ‘unwanted pressure for sexual activity, that includes verbal innuendos and suggestive comments, leering, gestures, unwanted physical contact (touching, pinching, etc.), rape, and attempted rape,’ is cast as a constant of women’s sex-integrated labors”. No matter what the women did to prevent those unwanted circumstances they knew that nothing was going to change unless the left. Many did, but other like Pesha knew that there was no other choice but to stay in order to survive in a new city that they moved.
The Daniel E. Bender continues throughout the article to explain her difficult situations that she was involved until the Pesha learns about the Women’s Trade Union League (WTUL). She knew that there were unions for men, but she could not have any of the benefits that she wanted and looked for or the common ground that she as well as other women felt. The WTUL is a “League as a way of uniting women from all classes to work for better working and living conditions. The WTUL advocated for an eight-hour workday, a minimum wage, and the abolition of child labor” (Carrell & Heavrin, 2010, pg. 69). The WTUL was the first national association dedicated to organizing women, this was the beginning of how women were becoming more involved in the union and have an opinion as to what they wanted in order to be treated equal. Unionization opened up an opportunity for women to resist sexual harassment and to share and explore strategies of resistance across boundaries of ethnicity as well as religion.
Not only were women dealing with segregation in the workplace. During the 1960’s the Civil Rights was the beginning of many minority groups wanting equal rights and opportunities that they were...

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