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Land Of The Lost Essay

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Land of the lost - Analysis
Land of the lost is written in 2009 by Stewart O’Nan. The story takes place in Perry and Kingsville - US.
The themes in this story are: Loneliness, purpose of life, being useless. These themes are reflected in the entire story -even the title “land of the Lost”

I will first start with at Characterization of the narrator and her life:
She is a cashier at the local supermarket. She lives in her own world, both of her sons have moved out of the house, and her marriage is long gone – which leaves her dog Ollie, a German shepherd, as her only company. She is alone in the world. The narrator tells that when she started looking for the girl it was because she ...view middle of the document...

Generally speaking there are a lot of unsaid things going on because she’s afraid of telling her motives as they might understand.
The point of view is from a third person narrator. It’s not our main character we hear about but the narrator is omniscient, because he can tell us about our main character’s thoughts. The main character shall not be seen as a specific person, but more like a person who represent how humans’ moral change when they set goals. But how we see it, we actually don’t know if she has found the girl or not, but on the other hand it’s clear that her moral for reaching her goal has changed.
The title (Land of the Lost)
We know that the story takes place in the US, maybe the writer wants to tell us that the US is a lost country. A place where no one cares about anyone but themselves. And no one besides the girl’s family is looking for the girl (besides the family, she might be the only person looking for her” l 75.)
The main character feels lost in life and is searching for meaning and for purpose. The title tells...

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