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Language And Literacy Essay

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Language and Literacy
American InterContinental University

The vernacular is basically a common language used in a country. During the medieval times Latin and French were the popular literature used at that time. However, there was a limitation as to those who could learn Latin. Those who were able learn of this finer language during this time were those who were wealthy. Eventually the average citizen learned the vernacular language as well.

The vernacular language began in different countries such as Europe and Italy. The vernacular was spread through these countries via writings by writes such as Dante Alighieri. Education was another way vernacular ...view middle of the document...

Before the vernacular language, writers would use Latin as their primary language until the 12th century. Before the end of that century there were government documents that were written in the vernacular language. (Sayre, 2012)
Women’s literacy was on the rise in the 12th century, which is what also help spread the vernacular language. During this time women like Eleanor Aquitaine who created the city of Poiters which became a literary movement that was focused on courtly love (CEC, 2013). This literary movement became a place where romance was expressed through poetry. People who wrote romantic poetry were known as troubadours. Women troubadours were called trobairitz. Through poetry they were able to explain what they were feeling inside. Some expressed how they longed for another, the suffering they have endured, how they have fought temptation, and their loyalty. As these poems were created they were written in the vernacular of the day.
Christianity was another rise during the middle ages time period. Around the 14th century the vernacular had spread throughout majority of...

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