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Latin America Essays

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What is the current state of Latin American international relations, particularly relations with the United States? What is unique or “new” about the present situation? How much have we seen before? Make sure to discuss both economic and geo-political/security dimensions, and make reference to at least two historical periods, whether identified by particular doctrines, presidencies, or regimes of international relations.

Current state of Latin Ameican international relations with the US—
* Emerging independence from US—US is no longer the immediate partner of choice. Regional resentment of US perceived self-serving exercises of power
* Economics:
* Increased intra-regional ...view middle of the document...

5 billion to $42 billion, 17% (by 2009) of total Chinese FDI
* US—share of regional trade is declining (2002-2008)
* US share of exports fell from 48% to 37%
* Chinese share of exports grew from 4% to 10%
* Trend will continue—long term trade agreements with Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru
* Military dimension—
* China does not pose strategic or military threat for the hemisphere
* China’s military presence is small but there are security ties with Cuba and Venezuela
* Nicaragua canal (Chinense entrepreneur) may complicate geopolitics
* No evidence that China aspires to take over Panama Canal or project power into region

Is democracy’s “glass” in Latin America half empty or half full? Focusing on a particular country we have studied, what are the principal obstacles to more satisfactory democratization? How might these be overcome? Be sure to define terms like democracy and democratization, and what standard you are using to judge countries.

Were political movements of Peronist populism in Argentina dominant party authoritarianism as practiced by Mexico’s 20th Century Party of the Institutional Revolution (PRI) obstacles to democratization? Or, rather, were these just a different means of organizing and representing the interests of traditionally excluded social groups? Be sure to define your terms and discuss the evidence in relation to both the concrete cases mentioned.

Discuss at least three different strategies used by the opposition in Venezuela from the time of the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998 to the present. If you were an advisor to the opposition coalition (M.U.D.), what do you think the best strategy is going forward to take power back from chavismo?

What explains the emergence of armed guerrilla movements in El Salvador and Nicaragua? Why were the revolutionaries able to take power in Nicaragua, but not in El Salvador?
Compare and contrast the modes of engagement with 1) the United States, 2) other countries of the hemisphere and 3) the rest of the world of at least two Latin American countries. Discuss at least two modes of engagement of the following: economic, political/international relations, social, or cultural.

Critically discuss the rise of “the new left” in Latin America. How widespread is it? To what does this trend owe its rapid rise? What are the different types of "lefts" according to Luna? Cite at least two illustrative examples. Finally, do recent economic and political trends suggest an end to this "wave" and the likely return to prominence of political parties and leaders of the center-right? Why or why not?

Rise of the Left—
* Causes:
* 1994—Mexican Peso Crisis
* Devaluation of the peso against the dollar
* Investor jitters, capital outflows and suspension of financing
* Mexican GDP fell by 6.2% in 1995
* Deep crisis averted but it revealed vulnerabilities...

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