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Laws Gas Essay

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Boyle's Law Examples in Real Life
Boyle's Law Explained
In 1662, Robert Boyle discovered that when held at a constant temperature, the volume and pressure of a gas are inversely proportionate. Put simply, when the volume goes up, pressure drops, and vice versa.
The mathematic equation is equally as simple: PV=K where P=Pressure, V=Volume, and K is simply a constant.
This has become a basic principle in chemistry, now called "Boyle's law" and is included as a special case into the more general ideal gas law.

Spray paint uses a real life application of Boyle's law to work its magic.

Spray Paint
While there are a couple different types ...view middle of the document...

We'll examine the more elaborate of the two, since it's far more popular.
We know that before you spray a can of paint you are supposed to shake it up for a while, listening as a ball bearing rattles around inside. There are two substances inside the can, one being your product (paint for example), and the other being a gas that can be pressurized so much that it retains a liquid state even when it is heated past its boiling point. This liquefied gas will be a substance that has a boiling point far below room temperature. The can is sealed, preventing this gas from boiling and turning into a gaseous state. That is, until you push down the nozzle. The moment the nozzle goes down, and the seal is released, there is now an escape route. The propellant instantly boils and expands into a gas and pushes down on the product trying to escape the high pressure, and expand it's volume the atmosphere where there is less pressure. This forces the product to shoot out from the nozzle, and you have a coat of paint.

Charles' Law Examples in Everyday Life
The foundation of basic physics and chemistry are a few simple but extremely important laws. Charles' law states that, keeping everything else constant, there is a direct relationship between the volume of a gas and its temperature as measured in degrees Kelvin. Charles' law was first published in 1801. What's interesting is that the person who published it, Joseph Gay-Lussac, insisted on crediting it to Jacques Charles' unpublished work of 20 years earlier. Charles' law is seen in action in many everyday examples.
* Helium Balloon on a Cold Day
If you have bought a helium balloon for your child, you may have noticed this phenomenon. If it's cold outside, your child's face may fall when she notices that the helium balloon has crumpled. All isn't lost, of course, because once you enter your warm home, the balloon returns to its original shape. This is because, according to Charles' law, a gas takes up more space when it is warm.
* Tire Pressure
Typical manufacturers recommend that automobile tire pressures vary between around 25 to 35 pounds per square inch. But if you read...

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