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Ldr531 Week 5 Paper

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Determining My Perfect Position
If my company is expanding and I was provided the opportunity to choose the position that best suits me it would be crucial to understand what type of leader I am. Doing so would allow me to determine what role I should take that I would be most successful in and would beneficial to the company. Leadership is defined in terms of behaviors, traits, influence, interaction patterns, role relationships, and occupation of an administrative position (Yuki, 2006). To best predict the type of leader I am it would be most beneficial to compare my assessment results to a transactional and transformational type of leader. Once this is done it will be easier to ...view middle of the document...

Transformational leaders are excellent motivators because they emphasize the people more than results. This type of leadership motivates employees because it shows them their leader cares more about employee satisfaction than performance and in exchanges motivates the employees to preform at higher levels than expected (Sahaya, 2012).
Transactional Leader
On the contrary, Bass defines a transactional leader as leader who identify the needs of his or her followers and participates in relationships with the followers based on objectives to be obtained (Hargis, Watt, & Piotrowski, 2011). Transactional leadership basically is basically exchange-oriented based. The basic needs of the people or exchange are centered on short-term goals (Sahaya, 2012). Transactional leaders have an emotional intelligence that allows them to increase their effectiveness when concerning how to understand and motivate followers making rewards attractive to them (Sahaya, 2012). The leaders have three distinct factors: passive management by exception, active management by exception, and contingent reward (Hargis, Watt, & Piotrowski, 2011). Contingent reward leadership involves rewards to the followers from the leaders for accomplishing certain objectives. This involves the leader setting clear goals and objectives clearly specifying what will be rewarded when the goal is met. This build a relationship with the followers based on objectives to be met and still helps satisfy the needs of the followers. Both passive and active management by exception are used to correct undesired behavior from followers by the use of discipline (Hargis, Watt, & Piotrowski, 2011). The only difference between the two is that active management occurs when the leader continues to observe the follower to ensure that the standards of performance are met, and passive management occurs when the leader only intervenes when mistakes have already taken place (Hargis, Watt, & Piotrowski, 2011). Both of these types of monitoring followers are traits of transactional leaders that ensure employees are preforming to the leaders level of standard and only slightly differ according to the leaders preference of discipline.
Basically, the differences between the two are their behavior types. Transformational leadership behaviors are idealized influence, individualized consideration, inspirational motivation, and intellectual stimulation. The main behaviors of transactional leadership are contingent reward, active management by exception, and passive management by exception. Transactional leadership does increases follower motivation and performance more than transactional leadership, but to be an effective leader it is important to use both types of leadership behaviors.
The Leadership Style I Align With
From researching the two theories and closely comparing my assessment results I think the best position to take would be a transactional leadership style. Although I do find it...

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