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Leadership Essay

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Running Head: LEADERSHIP

David Berwanger
Central Texas College


The U.S. Army has established the largest active-duty armored post at Fort Hood. It was a major hub for troops deploying to or returning from military service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fort Hood is 100 miles (160 km) south of Dallas-Fort Worth, and near the town of Killeen. Its citizens deal with violence on their overseas missions. They don't ordinarily expect to encounter carnage in their home base, which lies in the pleasant hill-and-lake country of central Texas. Carnage is just what transpired on Nov. 5, 2009.
The Fort Hood shooting was ...view middle of the document...

He had two pistols, one of them a semiautomatic; both were nonmilitary issue. The rampage lasted about ten minutes, ending when the gunman was shot four times by police. Hasan, according to his lawyer, was left paralyzed below his arms. Inasmuch as the crime took place on an Army base, and 12 of the 13 killed were soldiers, Hasan was faced with a military trial. He was charged with 13 counts of murder (Facts on File, 2010a). As the judicial process moved forward, additional charges might be brought--taking account, for instance, of the fact that one of the soldiers killed was pregnant.
Armed police responded as the shooting continued, and a civilian police officer, Kimberly Munley, shot Hasan four times; Munley was also wounded in the exchange. Hasan was hospitalized off the base, and placed under guard. Hasan reportedly used two pistols, including one semiautomatic pistol. Military personnel on the base were authorized to keep registered personal weapons, although it was not known if Hasan's pistols were registered (Gates, 2011). Service members on the base generally went unarmed.
Hasan was born in Arlington, Virginia, and was single. He belonged to a Palestinian immigrant family. Coworkers and family members said he thought the U.S. should not be fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and had unsuccessfully sought a military discharge for several years after being harassed for his ethnicity and Muslim faith (Lieberman, 2011). They said he had been deeply affected by the horrific injuries and mental trauma suffered there by soldiers he treated for combat-related mental problems at Washington, D.C.'s Walter Reed Medical Center, and then at Fort Hood after he was transferred there in July. Hasan is believed to have been motivated by opposition to wars in the Muslim countries of Afghanistan and Iraq (McCullough, 2011).

Part 2

Transformational Leadership in the Crisis Situation
There was a clear evidence of transformational leadership by the attributes set out in this course following the event. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced on November 19 that the Defense Department would investigate a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, in early November that had killed 13 people, in order to find whether military policies caused personnel to miss warning signs that might have foreshadowed the incident (Facts on File, 2010b). He also ordered a separate investigation into the military's medical system. Also November 19, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee opened hearings on the shooting, beginning the first such inquiry by Congress (Gates, 2011).
Leading transformational leadership roles were played by the Defense Secretary Robert Gates, President Barrack Obama, Senator Joseph Lieberman, and Military Officials. Gates said that the Defense Department would seek to find whether there are internal weaknesses or procedural shortcomings in the department that could make us vulnerable in the future (Bergen,...

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