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Chief and sheriff are two different positions. A Sheriff is generally (but not always) the highest, usually elected, law-enforcement officer of a county. Chiefs of Police usually are municipal employees who owe their allegiance to a city. Oftentimes, Chiefs are appointed by the Mayor of a city; or, they may be appointed by or subject to the confirmation of a Police Commission. Being a chief in a large city or county sheriff is a very challenging profession and rank. They are the leaders that control a squad. The three skills that are required of a police chief in a large city or a county sheriff would be: communication skills, leadership, and management skills. A police chief must have good ...view middle of the document...

Morraele (2004) stated : “To be a leader in any organization requires confidence and a willingness to try new approaches and involve others in the process. For many in leadership positions, this is a foreign concept. Many believe that because they were promoted or appointed to positions of authority and responsibility they have a right to make all decisions unilaterally. However, leadership involves much more than independent decision-making.”. Thus, leadership development programs must address the wide range of leadership competencies. Leadership development must include indoctrination to issues related to generational differences, diversity, empowerment, collaboration, and transparency to the people served. Planning, critical thinking, communications, and evaluation skills are also important competencies law enforcement chiefs must master. Finally, a police chief in a large city or a county sheriff must also be an effective manager to do their job well. Like any other profession, everyone needs a manager to tell them what and how to do their job. Leadership and management are two different skills. However, without both of these skills the job would not be as effective as it should. A manager needs to understand their crew and the department they are working for. They assign squads to certain sections of the city, schedule officers, and be able to budget money. They are in charge of the supervisors, lieutenants, and captains of the squad. When their assistant need help when it comes to certain tasks that need to be made they need the chief approval. They learn to delegate tasks to other police officers if they are unable to perform the task on their own. With these skills, the chief will be able to control, and well as maintain societies trust. Ethics, virtue, and character should be reflect in a police chief in a large city, or county sheriff in a large, diverse county for several reasons. For one they are the front man, they represent the police department, the mayor, and the city. The community observes everything they say or do to protect the city. If for any reason, people start to question the chief or sheriff of the job they are doing, then the leadership and trust is gone. The community would not feel safe under the hands of the man controlling it. Community support is vital toward any police department and office. Society gets to choose whether or not the chief or sheriff is good enough. The mayor backs up the chief and if that falls, there the department could lose funding increases, even employment. They also determine how long the chief or sheriff stay in terms of position. Another reason would be representing as a role model to their fellow officers. Sheriffs and chiefs are...

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