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Leadership Definitions Essay

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Leadership definitions – chronology
Read carefully the following leadership definitions and identify the main changes that occurred in time (pay attention to language, terms, the relation between the leader and the others, techniques used by the leader, etc). Allocated time for the exercise: 20 minutes. Type of exercise: 4-5 student groups


Leadership is the ability to impress the ...view middle of the document...

Leadership is the result of an ability to persuade or direct men, apart from the prestige or power that comes from office or external circumstance. Leadership is what leaders do in groups. The leader’s authority is spontaneously accorded him by his fellow group members. Leadership is acts by a person which influence other persons in a shared direction. Leadership is defined in terms of discretionary influence. Discretionary influence refers to those leader behaviors under control of the leader which he may vary from individual to individual. Regardless of the complexities involved in the study of leadership, its meaning is relatively simple. Leadership means to inspire others to undertake some form of purposeful action as determined by the leader. Leadership is an influence relationship between leaders and followers who intend real changes that reflect their mutual purposes.

1930 1940

1950 1960 1970



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