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Leadership Paper

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“King of Battle”

MSG Alvin’s

Leadership Philosophy

Soldiers: Caring for our Soldiers doesn’t mean coddling them. Taking care of Soldiers means having such an impact in their lives that not only do they continue to speak of you, but their families remember you also.

Families: The families are an important part of the organization. You must keep the Soldiers family members involved and make them feel like part of the team. The families are our Soldiers source of strength and motivation.

Training: What makes us different from other armies of the world is our NCO corp. Your subordinates are one bullet away from taking charge, ensure you’ve done everything you could so he/she can be successful. Teach them how to think, not just what to think.

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Mistakes will happen, accept responsibility and learn from them, in the end you will become a better leader.

Being Seen: Being seen is important. Knowing when to say something and when not to say something is also important. As a leader you can do more damage than good when you say the right thing at the wrong time. This is not to say that you should not make an on the spot correction. Just make sure that you are right and do it with respect. Every time you say something incorrectly your credibility diminishes. Just being there and being seen often is enough.

Never forget where you came from: Remember were you came from and those that helped you to get were you are today. The help that you received came in many forms. Counseling should have been the most important form. Counseling done correctly will ensure that tomorrow’s Army is ready trained to fight and win the nations wars.

Army Values: The Army values are not just for work. These values should be incorporated into everything that you do.

Making decisions: Making decisions at the right time is important. Making a decision in hast will often lead to another decision changing the first. If you don’t have to make the decision right away then research and gather the facts before making the decision. The decision that has been thought out will stand the test of time.

Challenge yourself: Challenge yourself both physically and mentally. The easy way isn’t the best way, it often requires repairs later. During PT participate at all times. Physical fitness is one of the best defenses against stress.

MISSION: The mission is the first thing that we must accomplish. If we do all these things right the mission will take care of itself. The Soldiers will be trained and their families will be supportive and informed. The Army will be capable of providing security for the nation today and in the future.

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