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Leadership Research Paper

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Michael Noreman

The article that I examined was titled, “When Power Makes Others Speechless: The Negative Impact of Leader Power on Team Performance”, written by Leigh Plunkett Tost, Francesca Gino, and Richard P. Larrick. The main question this article addressed was whether a leader’s heightened power within a group dynamic led the leader to dominating discussions within meetings within groups. This is a particularly interesting subject since organizations make extensive use of teams on a daily basis. In order for a team to function correctly, the dynamic between the leader and the rest of the team must be positive, or else the team will not function correctly. If leaders and teams do ...view middle of the document...

The predictor variable was the level of power given to the leaders of the teams. I believe the findings will generalize to the real world despite not using business professionals because the scenario is close enough. The study does measure the issue at hand so the implications to the real business world are there. It translates over quite well. The strengths of this study is the realistic aspect. It is measuring exactly what happens in the workplace. The weakness is that business professionals are not used, however it would be difficult to set the amount of power felt by such a person so perhaps the students were in fact a better choice.

The analytical methods used involved taking averages of the amount of time people talked in correlation to the amount of power felt by the leader. The trend showed that the more powerful the leader the more he/she talked, and the less the entire team talked as a whole. This resulted in the teams with high powered leaders doing poorly in their tasks while the leaders with moderate power being much more successful.

The hypothesis that “Formal leaders with a high subjective sense of power spend more time talking in a meeting then formal leaders with a neutral sense of power” was confirmed by the findings. The implication of this is that in the real world, managers should be tested for behavioral traits prior to being put in a position of power. Especially when the managers are in an environment where group work is crucial, managers have to be selected very carefully.

The findings of this article are highly relevant to my classmates and I for several reasons. In college, especially in the school of management, we are often assigned into groups for work. In a group there is almost always someone who is identified as the leader of that group. For whatever reason it is, at...

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