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Leadership Staffing Essay

3946 words - 16 pages

Chapter 13
Staffing System Management
Administration of Staffing Systems

True / False Questions

1. In organizations with fewer than 100 employees, research suggests that staffing is most likely to be conducted by the owner, president, or work unit manager. 
True    False


2. Centralization of the staffing function creates economies scale and consistency in staffing policies and processes across the organization. 
True    False


3. A study of HR departments in large organizations found that the focus on recruitment and selection activities had decreased significantly over the past several years. 
True    False


4. Those employed within the staffing ...view middle of the document...

True    False


14. Although HRIS have increased data availability for human resources functions, they have done little to fundamentally affect the way staffing activities are evaluated. 
True    False


15. SaaS vendors provide the hardware, software, and day-to-day management of HRIS. 
True    False


16. A growing trend in HRIS is the centralization of these functions within the HR department to prevent managers from accessing the system. 
True    False


17. Surveys suggest that staffing is one of the first areas that organizations will outsource. 
True    False


18. HR representatives report that one of the key advantages of outsourcing is access to superior information from specialists. 
True    False


19. A professional employer organization (PEO) is like a temporary help agency, but provides a wider range of HR services and has a longer-term relationship with clients. 
True    False


20. Factors that are driving organizations to consider outsourcing HR activities include cost reduction, the cost of technology acquisition, need for improved service quality, and expertise of vendors. 
True    False


Multiple Choice Questions

21. As organization size increases, the likelihood that there will be a highly centralized HR department _________. 
A. increases
B. decreases
C. stays about the same
D. none of the above


22. Staffing members must coordinate their activities with __________. 
A. benefits staff
B. compensation staff
C. training and development staff
D. all of the above are true


23. Which of the following is true regarding jobs in staffing? 
A. Entry into staffing jobs normally occurs at the generalist rank.
B. There is usually a fixed point of entry into staffing jobs.
C. Jobs in staffing are becoming increasingly customer focused and facilitative in nature.
D. Few are housed in the HR department.


24. Which of the following statements regarding staffing policies and procedures is true? 
A. they seldom contribute to organizational efficiency
B. they help to ensure legal compliance
C. they often lead to negative applicant reactions
D. all of the above are true


25. Research suggests that organizational decision making is seen as most fair when it is based on _____. 
A. social influence
B. clearly communicated decision criteria
C. processes tailored to each unique individual
D. all of the above


26. Human resources information systems have been used for which of the following functions? 
A. EEO data analysis and reports
B. employee succession planning
C. databases of job titles and responsibilities
D. all of the above


27. An ASP or SaaS provider offers which of the following services? 
A. techniques to prevent managers from accessing HR data
B. hardware and software for running HR systems
C. paper-based forms and data for the organization
D. all of the above


28. The contracting out of work...

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