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Leadership Style Essay

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Leadership Style

Ashford University
OMM 660

Leadership is an art in a sense that it’s a construct of specific skill and a unique set of abilities that creates and atmosphere of trust and develops followership amongst subordinates. Good leaders have vision that is centered on bettering situations through out-front action and the propensity of persuasion. The traits of leadership from yester-year have become obsolete and ineffective in the current business environment. The style of leadership has evolved and requires an added emphasis on leaders transforming and or adjusting how they lead to the changing times. This ...view middle of the document...

Leadership requires the social influence that to encourage others to assist in achievement of a common goal. Leadership is an act that inspires a shared vision, commits to process improvement, and enables others to act. Being a manager or supervisor may give may give you a level of authority and oversight over a certain task but it doesn’t make you a leader. Leadership is definitive action even in the most challenging situations. You must possess confidence, the capability to outperform others, and the willingness to embrace change. The terms and concepts of leadership are easily understandable for an individual that is willing to sacrifice by stepping forward and accepting responsibility in order to lead.

The core of any organization is good leadership and understanding different leadership styles and their impact will determine the most effective leader.
In 1939 famed psychologist Kurt Lewin identified classic styles of leadership. These three styles are well established though more specific types have been identified since. Leaders should not be confused with managers. Leaders are always managers but the reverse is not necessarily the case. Good leaders will use the style or a combination of styles that best fits the situation.

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