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Leading Innovation Global Org Essay

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Unit 2 Assignment 1 – The Role of Leaders in Innovation
MBA6006 – Leading Innovation Global Org
Shyla Hasal
Capella University

With the changes in technology and globalization, most organizations today are faced with a dynamic environment. It is important that organizations operating in today’s economy need to be more artistic and innovative to stay alive, to contend, to develop, and to lead. Innovative companies are almost always led by innovative leaders (Dyer, 2011). Leaders are people who are able to think and act creatively in non-routine situations – and who set out to influence the actions, beliefs and feelings of others (Doyle, 2001).
Classical Leadership
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Courage to Innovate
2. Discover Skills (Innovation)
3. Delivery Skills (Execution)
Three attributes reflect “The Courage to Innovate”, the first attribute is: Challenging the Status Quo, this means you don’t take the first answers on the only answer. You seek more information, explore other alternative and ask more questions. The second attribute is: Risk Taking means not being afraid to fail. Breakthrough innovations come from taking risk. The last attribute is: Creative Confidence is the natural ability to come up with new ideas and the courage to try them out (Kelley, 2012). When you have the courage to innovate you are willing to embrace a mission for change and take risk to make change happen (Dyer, 2011). Innovators grow increasingly confident in their ability to discover what is next.
Discover Skills focus on Questioning, Observing, Networking, Experimenting, and Associating. Innovators that have these skills use them by: showing a passion for inquiry, being strong observers, finding and testing ideal through a diverse network of people, and continuously trying out new experiences and piloting different ideals. Dyer (2011) states discovery skills are crucial early in the business life cycle because the company’s key task is to generate new business ideas worth pursuing. These skills are necessary for making innovate business ideals but, they don’t guarantee your business will be a success.
Deliver Skills focus on analyzing, planning, detail-oriented implementing, and disciplined executing. When composing teams, leaders try to have a balance by making sure both discovery and delivery skill sets are represented. However, this does depend on what you’re working on. At certain stages it many require more discover skills than delivery or vice versa. Large companies typically fail at disruptive innovation because the top management team is dominated by individuals who have been selected for delivery skills, not discovery skills (Dyer, 2011).
Discovery and Delivery Skills self-assessment
Innovator’s DNA gives a self-assessment survey to determine discover-delivery skills. It consists of twenty questions rated 1-5, 1 meaning strongly disagree and 5 meaning strongly agree. At the end of the survey, add up all odd number question and add up all even number questions. The odd number questions represent discovery skills and the even number questions represent delivery skills. The overall score determines the rank:
45 or above | Very High |
40 – 45 | High |
35 – 40 | Moderate – High |
29 – 34 | Moderate – Low |
28 or less | Low |
45 or above | Very High |
40 – 45 | High |
35 – 40 | Moderate – High |
29 – 34 | Moderate – Low |
28 or less | Low |

I ranked 30 (Moderate - Low) on discovery skills. This score is shocking to me I expected a “High” on this section. When I look at the results in terms of the five discovery skills, I can understand...

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