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Learning Essay

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Anna Parks
Rita Pavone

In psychology, habituation refers to learned behavior in ignoring neutral stimuli. Habituation theory holds that when an animal is repeatedly exposed to stimuli that neither hurts nor helps, it stops responding. This lack of response to something that isn't posing a problem means that the animal isn't wasting energy; it's still alert in case danger does occur.
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For instance, if a person moves into a home near a railroad track and the vibration can be felt through the floor every time a train goes by, at first he or she may feel like something bad will happen, such as the vibration will cause people in the home to fall or an object to fall and break. Sensation is the process by which our senses gather information and send it to the brain. A large amount of information is being sensed at any one time such as room temperature, brightness of the lights, someone talking, a distant train, or the smell of perfume. With all this information coming into our senses, the majority of our world never gets recognized. We don't notice radio waves, x-rays, or the microscopic parasites crawling on our skin. We don't sense all the odors around us or taste every individual spice in our gourmet dinner.

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