Learning Organizations And Effectiveness Essay

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Carteret EMS as an Ideal Learning Organization
Douglas Glenn Mercer Jr.
OMM 625 Learning Organizations & Effectiveness
Professor Fabio Moro
August 12, 2013

Carteret EMS as an Ideal Learning Organization
Service delivery with any public service organization due to today’s economic downturn, current concerns, and budgetary considerations to help improve efficiency, but also can affect its ...view middle of the document...

Six of these agencies are already being administered through established municipalities and their elected bodies with four providing Paramedic level service, one is at the EMT-Intermediate level, and one at the Basic EMT level. Nine of the agencies fall under the administration of volunteer not for profit bureaucratic incorporations, or un-established but recognized ad-hoc municipal control with two of these providing Paramedic level service, three providing EMT-Intermediate level service, and four others providing EMT-Basic service. The last two of these agencies, one being a third party, non-emergency private ambulance service operating at the EMT-Intermediate level and the last organization, which this reflection is about, is the county funded and supervised Quick Response Vehicle Advanced Practice Paramedics, or QRVAPP’s operating from three key locations throughout Carteret County to provide paramedic level service, continuing oversight to nine of the previous stated services that operate at lower levels, as well as system ambassadors for the entire county. As can be imagined the many factors that effect consistent service delivery is a constant challenge with obvious barriers and needs for improvement county-wide, which in the end requires this organization and its members to maintain a positive learning environment.
Observable Behaviors and Characteristics
Carteret County EMS clearly indicates in its title the concept of dualism. Dualism is a society that embraces two cultures, emergency medical services, public health and intra-organizational education, as well as the organizational culture that utilizes career members to augment subordinate organizations into the learning environment. The organizational culture of this organization has to take into account and promote with continual oversight a learning environment by ORVAPP’s, who have the most “important skills of attentive looking and listening”(Garvin, 2000, p. 79) of observable behaviors, compelling characteristics, and enacted values to maintain a positive learning environment by staff as well as promotion of the same learning behaviors and characteristics to the staff and volunteers of subordinate organizations, while maintaining a positive culture that delvers a high level of service safely, while dispelling negative subcultures. Yet with the above what are four of the most compelling characteristics of this organization?
Compelling Characteristics
The first of these characteristics are “observable artifacts, such as manner of dress, published list of values, as well as visible behaviors”(Turnbeaugh, 2010, p. 41) had to be promoted by the inspiration and learning motivation by QRVAPP’s and their acceptance of subordinate organizations staff into such an environment. This was achieved by valuing all staff with similar uniforms, unified training that promoted a...

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