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Preparation for Learning Team Assignments Worksheet

The ability to work collaboratively with others is a critical skill in the human services field. Learning Team assignments will help you prepare for this challenge by requiring effective communication, timely management of tasks and deadlines, and cooperative problem solving. Keep in mind that your task is not simply to complete an academic assignment, but also to demonstrate the ability to collaborate effectively with others.

Note. Grades on team assignments take your participation in the team process into account.

Review the typical schedule for successful teamwork in BSHS/305, as shown ...view middle of the document...

This is the time to proofread carefully to correct any spelling or grammar errors, check APA formatting as needed, and verify that all assignment requirements are met. Each team member posts a comment to indicate that he or she has completed this step no later than mid-day on day 7 (Monday).

Respond to each of the following questions with a minimum of 50-words each. Give each question careful thought. Use writing skills that would be expected in a professional work environment—write in complete sentences with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

1. Notice that teamwork requires frequent communication inside and outside of the classroom throughout each week. You will be expected to devote a minimum of 4 hours per week (in Weeks 2–5) on team communications and assignments. Failing to stay in communication, contribute to all steps, and meet team deadlines creates stress and conflict among team members and has a negative effect on grades. In the space below, discuss your readiness to meet the requirements for frequent team involvement.
| |
|I feel that I am beyond ready to tackle this class and the team work that is required for it. I have a goal set to earn a degree |
|and I will achieve this goal because I have children and a family that depend on me to complete this. With that being said, I plan|
|to devote the 4 hours a week needed for this class. I have laid out my plan for the next 5 weeks. I will complete my assignments |
|and reading by Wednesday. This will give me time to review what I need to and post my participation. It will also help me meet |
|the deadline to turn in the team assignments and give me time to review my other team members information. I will complete my |
|assignments during the day time, when my daughter is in school and my son takes a nap. If I have anything else that does not get |
|completed within this time frame, I will also work on my assignments after they go to bed every night. |

2. What strengths do you believe you will bring to your Learning Team? (Consider academic skills, communication skills, flexibility, leadership ability, and interpersonal skills.) How will you exercise these strengths to meet team goals?
| |
|I feel like I am a really good leader and most people usually like to listen to what I have to say. I have been a manager for |
|almost 10 years and feel that I am very well respected. I am also a very good communicator and have the ability to accomplish any |
|task that is set in front of me. I will use these skills to lead my team and work with my team to reach the answers that we need |
|in order to make it through this class. ...

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