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Legal Personnel Essay

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I am more than happy in assisting you and putting the knowledge I have to use for a good use. Firstly, I will describe one of the most fundamental people in the legal systems which are lawyers. There are two types of lawyers which are solicitors and barristers.



Most solicitors are graduates with a law degree. They must also undertake professional training both by a one year Legal Practice Course and then by two years under a training contract with a solicitor in practice.

Solicitors generally work in large partnerships and they undertake most of the work ...view middle of the document...

Barristers are occasionally advocates in magistrates’ courts but they mainly work in the Crown Court (it is possible to have a solicitor advocate but this is still rare), the High Court or in appeal courts.

Barristers also deal with advice on litigation and the drafting of documents


Most barristers are law graduates and they likewise undergo professional training through a Bar Vocational Course and through a pupilage with a qualified barrister. More senior barristers can apply to become a Queen’s Counsel

Barristers are self employed, but they often share premises ("chambers") and admin staff. The Bar Council regulates the work of barristers so they are your go-to people in case you have any complaints.

Legal Executives

Legal executives are legally qualified professionals employed largely by solicitors and usually specialising in a given area of law and they are regulated by the Institute of Legal Executives. Legal executives can work in various locations apart from law firms. For instance, obtaining senior roles in the legal departments of commercial organisations, charities, government agencies and local authorities.



A Paralegal is a person qualified through education and training to perform legal work that requires knowledge of the law and procedures and who is not a qualified solicitor or barrister. Graduating with a Law Degree or attaining the LPC does not necessarily mean a person is qualified to do paralegal work. Further training is required to gain knowledge of the practical side of the profession. Paralegals do virtually the same work as solicitors do: the work that solicitors do I have explained earlier. They are regulated by the Institution of Paralegals

Legal Ombudsman and complaints

The Legal Service Ombudsman is a free service that investigates complaints about lawyers in England and Wales. The Legal Ombudsman is a member of the British and Irish Ombudsman Association.

The following types of lawyers fall within the Legal Ombudsman’s jurisdiction:

• Costs lawyers

• Legal executives

• Licensed conveyancers


• Patent attorneys

• Probate practitioners

• Registered European lawyers

• Solicitors

• Trademark attorneys

Because the Legal Service Ombudsman is a lay organisation, it is restricted to investigating issues around quality of service.


The Judicial Appointments Commission is responsible for selecting judges in England and Wales. It is a public body which was created on 3 April .Previously, the Lord Chancellor was responsible for selecting judges but this responsibility has now been taken by the Judicial Appointments Commission although the Lord Chancellor retains the responsibility.


In civil cases there is no jury to decide the facts of the case but...

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