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Legalization Essay

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Should the U.S. Decriminalize Marijuana?
Every year our government spends about nineteen billion dollars to control the usage of marijuana. About seventeen thousand people were arrested last year because of it. The U.S. spends about twenty thousand per year house keep these inmates. (Miles) Who are these dangerous people that we are talking about? These people are considered pot heads. There is a marijuana arrest every forty two seconds in the U.S. In most cases most people who are pulled over don’t have a lot. Yet the government is letting jails get over crowded and using money the government needs. The economy in the U.S. is horrible, but the U.S. could save billions of dollars by ...view middle of the document...

(project) This number is higher than the total number of all criminal arrestees combined. Marijuana smokers, as well as every other citizen in the U.S. fulfill their dues by paying taxes and taking care of their families and children. Instead they are arrested and treated like lawbreakers, simply because of their choice to smoke marijuana. Consequently many children of smokers are placed in homes, which takes more tax dollars and suffrage towards families. This creates a problem towards the criminal justice system. As the community we to consider the public view towards the issue and create laws to decriminalize marijuana. Responsible marijuana smokers are not the problem and we should pass laws to help support it.
Marijuana is less dangerous to consume for your health than tobacco and alcohol. According to the National Institution on Drug abuse, 400,000 die each year from tobacco and 50,000 people die from alcohol. Research shows that you cannot overdose from marijuana. According to the National Institution on Drug Abuse, unlike tobacco and alcohol, marijuana does not cause an addition, cancer, heart problems or and other problems to your body. It also doesn’t affect the brain functioning or cause aggressive actions like alcohol. (Volkow) As a result, consuming marijuana shouldn’t be considered as a crime because it does no harm to your body and it makes you calm and relaxed.
Decriminalizing marijuana will also save the government and tax payers a lot of money. Many people are in jail simply for getting caught with marijuana. If you get caught with marijuana you should get time in prison, but you shouldn’t owe a life sentence. This is causing the jails to be over populated and costing tax payers much more money. Today 50 percent of the inmates in prison are in there because of a drug related incident. Marijuana makes up about 30 percent of that. (Miles) Jails and prisons are so crowded that it is now putting other inmates and correctional officers in...

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